About us

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A legal union «SN-Group» is a command of experienced professionals. The Union founded in 2005th already passed the necessary stages of developing and became the mortgage of stability and high reliability for activity of the clients.

All lawyers of Union have their own specialization and execute tasks in accordance with it. We are created in order that safety of your business and your personal calmness became the inalienable attribute of your success.

«SN-Group» unites both lawyers which worked in soviet times and during alteration (so-called «perestroyka”) and those which started their activity in new, young Ukraine. Such specialists got used to the intensive changes in legal adjusting, to the vagueness of some law aspects, and they know what position they should take in every separate situation for the sake of achievement of desired result.We do not hide that we are interested in you. We work for the sake of our joint goals — reliability of business relationships, professionalness in completing any kind of work and stability in development as a result.

Dynamics and unpredictability of changes in law and its disputable interpretation, even by state authorities, strengthens the necessity of bringing in specialists in the field of law (both theorists and practical workers) for successful implementation of business-tasks.

«SN-Group» is oriented on middle business and conducts restrained price policy because, in our opinion, exactly this sphere depends on professional legal help. Creation of own law departments for enterprises is a very difficult task. But even if it exists there are tasks that can be solved only by bringing in of the specialized legal company.

Such our service, as a «complex law providing» will allow to you to forget about experiencing related to not knowing of consequences those or other actions (events). Your activity will always be legally provided – according to practice timely professional interference in most cases allows to be delivered from losses or considerably diminishes them.

We give the complete spectrum of legal services from the very beginning — creation (registration) of subject of busyness activity (SPD) to stopping of legal entity.

But what is very important is organization of activity itself. This is where you constantly need legal support: getting licenses to the certain types of activity, various permissions, adjusting of relationships with public supervisory organs (administrative law), determination of legal relationships with contractors, making agreement, defence of intellectual property, solving of disputes in the case they appear (civil, economic law) — exactly here is very important to bring in lawyers of different specialization, whose professional activity is a mortgage of your success.

We consider Ukraine our own country, the country, where respect to private property, hardworking people and desire to grow are the guarantee of success and possibilities of opening of new, to this day unknown, spheres of realization of your business-ideas.

Our union includes specialists in the different fields of law which not only know possible problems during realization of entrepreneurial activity but already ran into them and successfully decided them in practice.

We work confidently because we work professionally.

We will do everything that you scored a success.

With kind regards
Legal union «SN-Group».