Consulting in the field of accounting

Our union is ready to provide services of consulting in relation to the conduct of accounting and drafting of the financial reporting. Our specialists will be able to settle any difficulty which arose up for you and give clear and based on law instructions.

We consider that there are no hopeless situations. Legislation is universal and very vast instrument the skilled use of which allows to avoid negative consequences or to correct a situation.

Consultations in the field of accounting are given in written form.
The base cost of consultation is 800 Uah. The cost of consultation is determined by parties agreement depending on its size.

For receiving of consultation a client gives a writing query and adds documents to it that are necessary on his mind. In case of lack of given documents our specialist will inquire them.

Completed consultation is signed by CEO of Legal union «SN-group», by specialist that made it and is ensealed. Indicated above, and also mechanism of additional verification of outgoing document, is the guarantee of service providing of the greatest quality.

The faultless actions of our clients serve as an additional fee for our labours.

We will do everything that you scored a success.

With kind regards
Legal union «SN-group».