Our union provides services in representative of interests of enterprises and private entrepreneurs in pre-trial settlement of economic disputes in any region of Ukraine.

Legal union «SN-group» is an association of leading specialists in area of jurisprudence and is created with the purpose to grant wide spectrum of legal services in Ukraine to the legal and physical entities.

A pre-trial settlement of dispute is an extraordinarily important stage in case if the actions of your unconscientious partner will result as a decision of dispute in court. Keeping order of pre-trial settlement of dispute will certify validity and legality of your position, observance of all requirements of law by you.

Appealing for a help to our union you can be sure that beginning from the stage of pre-trial settlement of dispute your legal position will be self-weighted and correct which will help to avoid court trial of dispute or to model a winning situation beforehand with our help.

Base price: 500 Uah.

Price includes:

  • conduct of negotiations with a contractor;
  • legal analysis of all circumstances of dispute origin;
  • preparation of claim or answer on claim.

For the beginning of our cooperation it is necessary to give us all documents and information that touch a dispute (for example, contract, certificate of reception-transmission, invoices etc.).

We are sure that our collaboration will become the base of rapid and positive decision of conflict situation which appeared between you and your partner.

We will do everything that you scored a success.

With kind regards
Legal union «SN-group»