Copyright for enterprises and private entrepreneurs

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Our union is ready to provide complex of legal services in registrations copyright for enterprises and private entrepreneurs.

Base terms: 50 workings days (from the moment of bringing to us all needed documents and information listed below).

Base price: 550 Uah.

Government payments: 63,75 Uah — for physical persons and 187 — for legal entities.

Price includes:

  • consultation and informing of client about copyright;
  • qualified preparation of package of necessary documents in proper form for serve to and its serve;
  • receipt of copyright certificate.

Documents listed below are needed for beginning of the work:

  • documents of declarants, authors (for physical persons — copy of passport and code, for legal entities – state registration certificate);
  • full name of physical and/or full official name of legal entity – recipient of copyrights, full postal address (address for correspondence), phone;
  • copy of work (form in which this work is presented);
  • document which confirms creation of work in the order of implementation of official duties or author contract (if available);
  • document which testifies the fact and date of work publication (if available);
  • complete name of work (and brief one, if available);
  • previous or alternative name of work (if available);
    short description of work;
  • a date of final completion of work;
  • information about the author(s) of work: last name, name, patronymic (pseudonym), date of birth, citizenship, residence, phone, author contribution to creation of work.

and also the following information:

  • bank information;
  • number of VAT certificate, individual number of tax payer.

We will do everything that you scored a success.

With kind regards
Legal union «SN-group».