Alcohol drinks retail license

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Our union is ready to provide complex of legal services in receipt of alcohol drinks retail license for enterprises and private entrepreneurs in Kyiv.

A license gives a right to carry out alcohol drinks wholesale for a term of one year.

Base terms: 20-30 workings days (from the moment of bringing to us all of the documents and information listed below).

Base price: 2 800 Uah.

Government payments: 8 000 Uah (per year).

Price includes:

  • consultations and informing of client about the necessity of license receipt and order of its receipt;
  • receipt of concordance with sanitary epidemiology station (SES);
  • receipt of permission from state fire-house (SFH);
  • receipt of permission from regional state administration (RSA);
  • qualified preparation of package of necessary documents in proper form for serving and its serve;
  • receipt of license.

Documents listed below are needed for beginning of the work:

  • copy of registration certificate as a subject of entrepreneurial activity (notarized);
  • copy of certificate about bringing in single state register of enterprises and organizations of Ukraine («statistics», notarized);
  • original of 4-ОPP certificate;
  • copy of tenancy contract (purchase-sale, certificate of ownership) for trade place (notarized);
  • original of payment instruction about payment of 1 000 Uah or 500 Uah (alcohol drinks or tobacco wares accordingly);
  • certificate from state tax inspection (STI) at the place point-of-sale activity that confirms arriving of license fee at budget;
  • copy of registration certification of recorder of calculation operations (cash register).

and also the following information:

  • bank details;
  • passport information of enterprise CEO or private entrepreneur;
  • information about is this a first license given out, term of action of previous license, (is closing/closed);
  • number of VAT certificate, individual number of tax payer;

We will do everything that you scored a success.

With kind regards
Legal union «SN-group».