License for introduction of holographic protective elements (GZE)

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Our union is ready to provide complex of legal services in receipt of license for introduction of holographic protective elements for enterprises and private entrepreneurs from any region of Ukraine.

Terms of license validity — five years.

Base terms: 15 workings days (from the moment of bringing to us all of the documents and information listed below).

Base price: 1 800 Uah.

Government payments: one minimum wage.

Price includes:

  • consultations and informing of client about the necessity of license receipt and order of its receipt;

  • qualified preparation of package of necessary documents in proper form for serving and its serve;

  • receipt of license.

Documents listed below are needed for beginning of the work:

  • copy of registration certificate as a subject of entrepreneurial activity (notarized);

  • copy of certificate about bringing in single state register of enterprises and organizations of Ukraine («statistics», notarized);

  • copy of tenancy contract (purchase-sale, certificate of ownership) on a legal address and on address where holographic protective elements will be introduced (notarized). tenancy contract where holographic protective elements will be introduced must be celled on a no less than a year term;

  • copy of diplomas, other documents about education of CEO, his deputy, chief accountant (if available).

and also the following information:

  • information about leading staff (CEO, deputies, chief accountant — name, position, phone);

  • bank details;

  • number of VAT certificate, individual number of tax payer;

We are pleased to communicate with you and to work on you.

We will do everything that you scored a success.

With kind regards
Legal union «SN-group».