Liquidation in decision of owner

Our union is ready to provide services in liquidation of legal entity by decision of owner. Providing of this service is possible if an enterprise has no debts before budget and clients, and owner made a decision about liquidation.

Base terms: 3 months (from the moment of bringing to us all of the documents and information listed below).

Base price: 5 000 Uah.

Price includes:

  • preparation of package of necessary documents;
  • government payments;
  • closing of bank accounts;participating is in procedure of verification in tax inspection;
  • taking out from register in a tax;
  • taking out from register in a custom;
  • taking out from register in all funds;
  • handing over the seal to militia;
  • transmission of documents to an archive;
  • serve of documents to the registrator, confirming taking out of enterprise from the register in all funds, tax inspection, certificate from an archive, certificate from militia that seal is handed over, originals of registration certificate and charter.

Documents listed below are needed for beginning of the work:

  • originals of constituent documents;
  • originals of all primary financial documents;
  • extracts about moves on an account;
  • check books;
  • book-keeping records;
  • last given to a tax administration balance;
  • seals and stamps.

And also the following information:

Liquidating committee members — 3 persons

We will do everything that you scored a success.

With kind regards
Legal union «SN-group».